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Date of birth

: 16-10-1951

Place of Birth

: Madurai


: Vellala

Born in

: Roman Catholic Christian Family

Interest from Infancy in

: Hinduism

Religion Followed

: Sri Ramanuja's Visishtadvaita vaishnavism

Spiritual Preceptor

: Srimaan R.Veeraraghava Iyengar Swamigal

His Acharya Parampara

: Mudaliyandan  

Acadamic Qualifications :

M.A (English Literature)
M.A (Tamil Literature)
M.A (Sanskrit Literature)
HINDHI (Rashtra Bhasha Visharad)
B.G.L., (Bachelors's degree in Law) (Bangalore University)
Teaching Experience-Has taught M.A. English Students in Madurai University for six semesters.

Non- Academic Qualifications

A Researcher in Oriental sciences like sculpture, Indigenous medicine, Astro - Palmistry etc.

Has written and published a book entitled "Kadavulai Vanagupavan Kattumirandiya?" This book was applauded by many Madathipathies of Tamil Nadu Including Kanchi Sankaracharyar. This book was praised by all leading magazines of India. Has written the Biographies of Twelve Alwars entitled "Kaduvulai Kaattum Kannadigal",which was published by HIS HOLINESS Sri Sri Trithandi Narayana Jeeyar Swamigal (Andhra). This book was so much welcomed by the America living Tamilians that within a period of two months 5 editions of this book were printed and sold out in U.S.A. This book was applauded by many Madathipathies of Tamil Nadu Including Kanchi Sankaracharyar. This book was praised by all leading magazines of India. Was a Part-Time News Reader in DOORDARSHAN Pondicherry. Has been an active writing and conversational artist in ALL INDIA RADIO for more than Ten Years.

As a Professional Spiritual Orator, has delivered more than seven thousand lectures in various places of Tamil Nadu . Of these, nearly a Three Thousand Lectures of notable repute have been brought out as CDs & DVDs. These CDs & DVDs are enjoying a good market in and outside India.

Thousands of copies of such CDs are bought and paid a venerable audience in London, Australia, U.S.A, France, Singapore and other countries. Has delivered many lectures over the local cable channels of Pondicherry. Is a good Orator in English too. Has delivered impressive lectures in the English Department of Annamalai University.

His Lecture delivered in The Department Of Vaishnavism in the University of Madras before an Elite and Intellectual Audience on "Bhagavat Gita" is enjoying a good market as Audio CD. Is enjoying an individual position among other Orators in as much as he has spoken on more than one Hundred Topics which are different from each other in spiritual essence. Some, for example, are these

1. Vidura Neethi
2. Acharya Hirudayam
3. Sri Vachana Booshanam
4. Mukunda Mala
5. Gaisika Puranam
6. Sri Paaduka Sahasram
7. Abithi Sthavam
8. Sri Sudarshana Sahasranamam
9. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam
10. Sri Narasimha Sahasranamam
11. Sri Hanumath Sahasranamam
12. Sri Lakshmi Sahasranamam
13. Sri Ragavendra Sahasranamam
14. Sri Kanaka Dhara Stotram
15. Sri Sthuthi

RISHI DHARMA - (Organisation for oriental Thinking)

Organisation founded by D.A.Joseph. This association (non profit) is meant for the awakening of spiritual consciousness among Youths . For more details - click here

Titles conferred upon D.A.Joseph - click here

Has been appreciated and blessed and patronized by following spiritual Pontiffs.

a.) His Holiness Sri Varadha Ethiraja Jeeayar Swamigal - Sriperumbudur.

b.) His Holiness Sri Sri Trithandi Narayana Jeear Swamigal -Andhra.

c.) His Holiness Sri Sri Kaliyan Vanamaamalai Ramanuja Jeear Swamigal -Vaanamaamalai.

d.) His Holiness Acharya Peetam Sri Annaviar Swamigal - Alwar Thriunagari

e.) His Holiness Sri Bhavishiyath Achraya Sanadhi Sri Sri Emberumanar Jeear swamigal - Alwar Thriunagari

f.) His Holiness Sri Sri Perarulala Ramanuja Jeeyar swamigal - Thirukkurungudi

h.) His Holiness Sri Sri Alagia Manavala Jeear Swamigal - Kanichipuram.

i.) His Holiness Sri Sri Srinivasa Ramanuja Jeear Swamigal - Thirukkovilur

i.) His Holiness Acharya Peetam Sri Aathan Swamigal - Alwar Thriunagari

j.) Sri Vedapiraan who is the 214th descendent of Sri Periyalwar's family honoured D.A.Joseph on the occasion of the latter's lecture at Srivilliputtur by Salvai & Presents.

k.) Pithukkuli Murugadoss's (World famous devotional singer) Commendation.

Is a staunch Patriot and has devoted his life for the upliftment of Sanathana Dharma and Bharatha Varsha .

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