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Atma Sakshathkaram (Part-2)

Carnatic music - holy ?
02.12.2018 - Q&A

Garuda Puranam-3

Atma Sakshathkaram Part-1

Garuda Puranam-2

Garuda Puranam-1

Chandogya Upanishad Part-1
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Sri Hayagreevar

Atma Sakshathkaram (Part-2)


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Vedic voice  

Dear friends,

D.A.Joseph speaks through whatsapp every day for 2 or 3 minutes. The name of the whatsapp group is "Vedic Voice". It functions under the banner of D.A.J's Rishi Dharma. At present he is explaining the slokas of Subhashthani, both in English and Tamil a sloka per day. Precious opportunity !. If you are interested save this number (+91 770 870 570 6) in your mobile contacts and send your name to this number and get registerd.

Yours, Rishi Dharma


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D.A.JosephD.A.Joseph is a scholar in Hindu Philosophy and the study of world religions he has spent more than three decades in the propagation of Sanathana Dharma.

RISHI DHARMA”- An organisation for oriental thinking founded by D.A.Joseph. This association (non profit) is meant for the awakening of spiritual consciousness among Youths.

He has been on his lecture tour to places where his service is needed. He has delivered thousands of lectures both in English and Tamil communicating to the masses in the simplest dialect the necessity of the age old indian tradition in modern life. He has spoken on the Upanishads,The Bhagavath Gita, the Ramayana. The Mahabharatha,The Smirithis, Sri Ramanuja's Visishtadvaita,The puranas,the Acharyas etc.which have been published as audio CDs and video DVDs.

These recorded speeches are rounding up the globe yielding aesthetic and spiritual pleasure to the listeners. The audience has certified on many occasions that these speeches have moulded their life from bad to good, good to better and better to the best.

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